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Who we are

We are Jan and Ray Syms and we are Sungold Constructions. We believe family is everything and every family needs a loving home to live grow and importantly call your own.

Let’s work together

Our mission

As a family owned and operated business, Sungold Constructions has been creating beautiful places for all kinds of families for over 40 years now. We have built our reputation on our down-to-earth style and good old fashioned customer service. We take tremendous pride in helping people from all walks of life into a brand new home especially those who didn’t think owning would be possible.

Meet the team

Ray Syms


I’m Ray Syms and the owner and licensed builder (QBCC: 22402) for Sungold Constructions. I’ve been called ‘salt of the earth’ and that I’m always willing to help, but just as importantly, I am the hands on type and will oversee the construction of your new home to the highest quality.

Jan Syms


I’m Jan Syms, Ray’s wife and I am your dedicated point of contact. I tackle every task to ensure things get done and run as smoothly as possible. From organising approvals with council, documentation and your colour selections, I am the worlds greatest multi-tasker.

Who we work with

Over the years Sungold Constructions has built incredible relationships with some of best suppliers and partners in the business – helping make our offers to you the best available.

QBCC: 22402