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At Sungold, we have helped hundreds of Queenslander’s get out of renting and into their very own home and we can help you too

Owning can be cheaper than rent

Some of the clients we help at Sungold have been paying rent to their landlord at $450 p/week for 5 years or more. When you do the math that’s around $23,000 a year or $115,000 over 5 years. We believe this is your hard earned money and it should be going towards your future and your very own home.

Consider the advantages

Currently the Queensland Government’s $15,000 First Home Owners Grant is available to those building their first home.

You could be eligible for the QLD Government First Home Concession – where if your home is valued under $550,000 you may not have to pay stamp duty.

With help from our wider finance partners, you could be in a home that costs you less than what you would pay in rent.

Owning Real Estate is a long term investment that can set you up for life. Brisbane house prices are forecast to rise and the population is growing at a very steady rate.

What we can do

Sungold has been building in Brisbane for more than 40 years. Over time we have built relationships with some of the best finance providers in Brisbane with access to some incredible solutions for our customers.

Once the best finance for you has been approved, we work with you to find the best land and the most suitable house design from the Sungold range of house plans to suit your budget and your needs.

The greatest thing for the Sungold customers is there are no surprises, everything we offer is a fixed price and we make sure it fits within your budget so you know exactly where you are at all times.


How it can work for you

Sungold have house and land packages in over 30 locations in Brisbane. Our relationships with land suppliers helps us to create wonderful house and land packages on demand to suit your needs.

Not many Builders can say they have been in business for 40 years, this enables us to generate fantastic offers and the best prices from all our suppliers which we use where possible to help get your new home within your budget.

At Sungold, we are passionate about helping you get out of renting and into your very own home.


What’s the next step?

The best thing about the next step, is it’s free, it’s fast and it’s pretty easy.

Call Sungold today so we can start helping you get into your brand new home today.

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