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We have land to suit this design


4 Bed | 2 Bath | Double Garage


Full Tanami Package

Fixed price (including site costs)

Aircon in Family Room and Main Bedroom

Driveway and pathway, fence to sides and rear, clothesline and brick letterbox

Floor Areas

  • House174.3m2
  • Verandah9.3m2
  • Porch5.6m2
  • TOTAL189.2m2

Tanami Home Design is The Perfect Choice For Families 


The Tanami home design in North Brisbane by Sungold Construction is a perfect choice for families looking for a modern and functional home. With four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a large open-plan living area, the Tanami home gives privacy to each one of the members of the family.


Sleek & Modern Design: If you require a sleek and modern design for your new home, Tanami is one of the best. With minimalist aesthetic and clean lines, you will get calm and serenity in this design. With large windows, your home will be quite bright and airy.


Open-Plan Living Area: Inside your affordable housing in North Brisbane, the open-plan living area is the perfect place to entertain guests. The kitchen, living area and dining space are all together and right in front of the entrance. This will help you in keeping the rest of the house clean. The kitchen will be made modular as per your requirement. You can easily socialize and serve meals at the same place.


Four Bedrooms & 2 Bathrooms: All four bedrooms are in four different directions giving you a lot of privacy of your own. There is also an attached wardrobe with each bedroom making it easy for you to keep them organized. This new home design also has a laundry room and a media room.


Veranda & Porch: Along with double garages, you will also get to have a porch and a veranda for you to relax with your family. This new home design in North Brisbane is extremely functional and also energy-efficient.


While choosing a new home design, you can ask our home builders in North Brisbane to show you all the details of the design. Contact us today to know more about our home designs in North Brisbane.

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